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Innovative and advanced services to support manufacturers of electrical equipment products, design consultancy with calculation and analysis of energy efficiency data, consultancy and practices for managing tests in accredited laboratories connected to the INAE-LAB and INAE-EPREL circuit; automated energy labeling with software development to support the management of models and labels and the manufacturer's catalog, development of website and cloud platforms to automatically interface EPREL, technical-scientific expertise in the interest of the manufacturer or the authorities, consultancy and management of disputes with authorities or producers also following reports of unfair competition, management of the correlation of the model with EPREL URL links.

All the data entered in the eACT-ELR platform derives from the direct flow of the producers. The eACT-ELR service is limited to reporting the data flow provided by the producers, and therefore, eACT-ELR is not responsible for any errorsor untrue data.
eACT-ELR has always collaborated with the authorities to resolve any disputes and spread the correct energy culture

Scientific Direction

For information and reports write to staff @ eact.it   >>>

For the INAE-ENERCY RATING  IN THE WORLD service click >>>

We have mobile units with instrumentation for preliminary data checks on energy labels
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